You know I still remember you! How can I forget you after this amazing summer and after that you let me be part of your journey-it was pleasure for me!

You were so shy at the beginning and I was a little scared I felt like if I “Touch” you you may break and I didn’t want  to hurt you. I was lost and I didn’t know what to do and I was scared whether you will like me or not.. Even when I was preparing my presentation for the opening event, I was so nervous and I was wondering if you will like it, if I am funny enough or serious enough, whether you will learn new things from me or I will be like a boring teacher.

Everytime I was praying “God, please don’t let them sleep in my classes”. I remember the so f*cking hot room and I was so worried that you are not ok there but I respected you that you were coming everytime!

I was nervous because I wanted to give you so much and I didn’t know how to do it in the best possible way. Maybe I looked to you so brave and confident but I wasn’t.

You had so much fire in your eyes, you were so thirsty for something new, I knew you wanted to do things, to go out from your comfort zone but you were also scared, I saw it in your eyes.

But at the end we both break the ice and something really beautiful happened.Something that will be forever in my heart!

I wanted to show you that you can! That you can do anything you want, to be who you want, to travel the world to meet interesting people and live amazing life! I was desperate to convince you that you are able to do all of that.

Maybe I saw myself in your eyes. Maybe that is why I shared with you my experience so you can see an example, to see that our choices write our life story!

I wish when I was your age someone to had told me that I am allowed to make my own choices, that I can make my dreams reality, that society can’t tell me who I will be, what I will study and where I will live, who I am going to marry and so on….



You are graduating now and I wish I could share this amazing moment with you! I am thinking about you and wondering what choices you made, how you will continue your amazing journey..I am worried and excited like a mother about her children. I just wish you made your own choices and to be happy with them!

Of course you  could make mistakes but as I told you before there are no mistakes just important lessons that will help you know better what you really want.

You have so much time ahead of you to try, to see, to experience! Don’t forget that this next four years will shape your personality, your values, principles and mind. It is the basic of this beautiful house called life full of different and interesting things. Some of them will make you cry, be proud or be disappointed, some will make you smile or laugh, or fell inlove.

Enjoy every moment, it’s such a beautiful moment of your life when as if everything ends but actually it just beggins.

Be young, bold, free, free from stereotypes, limits and fears! You will run, you will fall, you will crawl, but at end if you are brave enough you will fly!

I wish you all fly and fly, smiled and happy because you have the life you wanted and dreamt for.

Make brave even insecure steps toward life and all of the adventures it prepared for you, because these adventures will help you find yourself which you will realise later is very important. Make steps, don’t settle! Now is the time to discover and explore-yourself and the world. Now nothing can stop you, now you have the energy and time to go there. There is somewhere you always wanted to go!

Enjoy your freedom!

Last summer I gave you my soul, my energy and my experience and I hope it helped you see a different perspective about life. Take it, take everything when travelling on your own journey and create a masterpiece.

And one more thing remember you are always in my heart and a part of my heart is still in Iasi! I really wish I could share this moment with you, be there and be proud of that you are GROWING!

If you could see yourself in my eyes at our first and last meeting you will see yourself GROWing from shy and quite to brave and confident young person who can not be stopped!

Love you and miss you! Wish you amazing moments and see you soon! <3


With love, Martha!