Have you ever thought what is the price of travelling? No, I am not talking about your ticket, your hotel, your sightseeing, your suitcase or your dinners out-you pay much higher price which you pay for the rest of your life. It is like a loan with really high interest. Of course it depends on what kind of travelling you do but still one thing is sure-you meet new people! People different from you and your culture, people with different values, perspectives, beliefs and maybe religion.

It happened in my life that I have not travelled that much, I have been only in 6 countries all of them in Europe. However 6 is very little number compared to the number of people I have met in my whole life, people who are from all over the world, honestly if you ask me how many are the countries where these people are living I have no idea-they are so many.

These people completely changed my perspective about the world and they opened my mind! They are always in my heart even that we don’t talk now. I will miss them forever! they did really impacted me a lot and helped me form my personality!

Vicky, Anna , Sherif, Tariq, Andrei Radu, Magu, Alex Ciobanu, Cici, Jerome, Antonis, Ahmad, My fav. twins Dani and Gabi, Bianca, Laura,Diana and all of my students! Ariadna, Khaleb, Fady, Sherman, Dom Laezza, Patryck, Aurelia <3 and so, so many. Unfortunately I started to forget names. So many people who I met in my life and probably some of them I won’t see again but I wish to!

I am social, sometimes even too much, which is a bad thing and a good thing. I make connections with people that is what I am good at, that is what make me happy. It is a bad thing because very often I make connections with people who I maybe won’t see again, which is the sad part of the coin. Those who are hungry for travelling and exploring new cultures will know what I am talking about.

Now I will go back to the price we pay when travelling abroad. Each time when you travel, if it happens to make conncections with the people there and the place, when leaving  you leave a piece of you there, it just happens you can not control it. You get used to the people, the atmosphere and even the smell and sometimes you wish you could stay there forever cause you feel it like home, like you belong there. When you come back to your real home you feel like you don’t fit there anymore. Although for such people there is no home, they belong to the world becuse they are global citizens.

It is not much about the place, the actual price you pay is when it comes to the people! Do you know what they do? They cut you into pieces, choose one that they like the most and take it with them back to their countries! How rude is that?! No, it is not rude, becuase we call it love!

It is intersting how you can call these people family, friends, party buddies, loved ones, soulmates, roommates, colleagues and…. And everything because these people become part of you, part of your existence, part of your everyday life even that you don’t talk with them everyday, even that with some of them you talk once in two months.

Do you know how hard is it when you skype with them and you want to touch them, to hug them to go out with them and laugh until we cry! I hate it when the internet conncection is fucking bad and it takes so much time to share our thoughts! Yes you share with them, they are part of your worries, your happiness, your success and failures, they support you not less than your friends who you can touch!

A year ago I met amazing, no.. incredible, unbelievable people. You know these people who are full with energy, love, inspiration, motivation, pureness and positivism? People who nourish your mind and soul. People with who you don’t just talk, you communicate, like real communication. Have you ever met at least one person like this? Wow, I was lucky to meet more than 10, 20, 30…. People from all the world who started a fire in my soul because I felt like I am the happiest and luckiest person on this earth! Yes, it is all about the people around you, they are reflection of you, of your dreams and desires!

They say far from the sight, far from the heart. Bullshits! How can such people be far from your heart and soul when they have the same soul as yours, when we all share the same values and beliefs, the same dreams. With some people even little conversations were so powerful, maybe it is all about the energy, the shared moment of joy and happiness, the shared moment of being young and empowered to do more, to be more and achieve more, to make impact.

Yes, is all about the people who you meet along your life journey, the right people who fill your soul with sweetness and satisfied your thirst for adventures, talks and laugh. Laughing, Laughing is the way your soul says it is happy and I laughed every second of this amazing journey. And I want more! Thank you guys for making my soul happy and alive!

And now about the people who become your family! Unfortunately you can not become really close with everyone but there are always couple of people who somehow get under your skin and there is no going back! These are the rude ones who cut you and take you with them so now parts of me are living in 5 different countries-Greece, Egypt, Mexico, Hong Kong and Pakistan. Here is the part where I feel the pain in my heart and the tears are filling my eyes. Everyday I pay, I pay the price, becuase I am never fully home, I am not whole human being, I am not the same and it is their fault!

I thought I am going to continue my life as it was, but how could I? Yes, I do my job, go to university meet my friends, have parties and I am happy and all. But…. But in some moments I want to share my life with them, with my new family.

Time differences, boundaries, religions, problems, tasks, time, internet connection, screens and so many things are trying to separete me from these peple. It is hard to maintain this conncection, this one connection that I made last summer which completely changed my life!

As I said I make a lot of connections but this one….. this one takes place in the deepest part of my heart.

The price is high but it is worth it and I wish everyone to pay it because that is why life is worth living to the fullest.

6 different people, so different from each other and at the same time the same! Each of us is a part of something bigger than us, it is called Cholos family! We lived, we loved, we laughed, we cooked, we drunk, we fell, we learned all together, becuase we GROWed together. It is magical and almost impossible to love people for such a short period of time but it happened!

They say “Don’t live in the past!”,  I live in the “NOW” feeling happy and lucky that I have them in my life. I live in the past thinking about our unforgettable moments. I live in the future dreaming of seeing them again!

The price you pay when travelling is high, really high you should be ready and sure if you want to pay it, cause you pay it till the rest of your life! You won’t be able to stop your heart and soul from the desires to take your backpack and leave! Leave to the known and uknown lands, meeting amazing people who are becoming part of you, who are changing you, who are making you the person you always wanted to be.

The true purpose of money, I believe, is paying for such experiences, this is what makes you really rich. This is the only price or bill which you pay and after that you are richer. Of course you have to pay something that is not measured by money, but it is still worth it! Your mind will reach horizons beyond what you know and beyond your comfortable home, your soul will grow, your values and beliefs will change. Don’t worry the right people will help you. Actually it  happens so naturally, you just need to let them into your heart and soul! 😉

People, places, memories, love, moments, smells, days, smiles, photos, music, travelling, heat, cold, laugh, a pan, youghurt, a wallet, cherries, alcochol, ice coffee, the apartment, shopping, fights, food, food, food and people, people, people! Everything is ordinary without the people who add this mysterious magic to everything. For me travelling is about people, even if you don’t travel it is about different people who give you different perspective, people who don’t share the same country, the same religion and beliefs, they will show you different coulors of life and the world! But be careful if you let them close to you, you will have to pay the price to say goodbye and miss them. As I said it is worth it! 😉

Many times in my life I have wanted to have a time machine but this time more than ever! I want to go back a year ago and experience again 7 of the most amazing weeks in my whole life! I miss you beyond measures GROW people, my students  and my family of Cholos!

Did I say I miss you? Mag, Nardeen, Hamza, Alex and Manuel! <3 All my love is for you. Thank you! A year ago I didn’t have any expecations about the people I met and probably that’s why you turned out to be the best part of this travelling!

As Cholo said “Guys we can not die before we meet again!” I totally agree! We should make it a dream, put it on our dream boards, put it in our bucket lists, put it in our hearts, in our goals, and I truly believe it will happen! <3

One lifetime is not enough for the ones who want to feel, to experience, to see, too meet, to touch, to know this kind of travelling. The ones who want to know themselves through travelling and meeting new people, who eventually become their friends, soulmates and even family! So if you decide to do this kind of journey, embrace yourself and be ready for the most amazing journey!

Pay the fucking price and go travel abroad! But not for a week or two, go and travel for longer period of time. Be part of the locals, get to know the culture, the people, the places and make connections, make friends, make family and find your soulmates. This is the real travelling, this is the real experience that will change your life and you will never be the same again!

With all my love!


*Sorry if you find some mistakes, when writing I can’t think about grammar.